We are two professionals with many years of experience working in Children's Services supporting families, parents and children.
We wanted to operate our own social enterprise to be able to work in a bespoke way to meet families’ needs and be in control of our own service without the constraints of government structure to work flexibly with families and partners.
We have good networks with professionals from services in all areas of support, and understand the specialist services and what they can offer but are also aware of their restraints in both time and finances.
We feel it's of the utmost importance to listen to families and support them in the way they need and provide a service that plugs the gaps where existing services cannot.
Of the two Directors, we have all worked with families with complex issues, families in need and crisis.  We have a sound understanding of the safeguarding of children, value the importance of early intervention and the need to support them before things deteriorate.

We will also employ a team of experienced support workers who have worked with children with additional needs in various settings.