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FAST values the importance of doing things together as a family, to strengthen family bonds. Our experienced Support Workers can work one-to-one with you and your whole family to pass on skills with dealing with your children behaviour, or just to be that extra pair of hands. Using recognised positive behavioural techniques and advice from evidence based parenting programmes, FAST will help personalise and tailor the strategies to your family.

Family Baby/Child Sitting  Available between 6:00pm-2:00am, FAST specialist Support Workers will baby sit your children at home allowing parents an evening off.  This service is specifically designed for families who struggle to find friends, family members or usual babysitters to look after their children.  This may be due to a medical or behavioural need of one or more of your children.  This service is provided as a family service and will include siblings as well as any child who requires a more specialist approach.

Community Based  Our Support Workers are able to support families to go out as a whole, to enjoy activities together as a family.  This may include assistance with a child with a disability or behavioural need or to provide support with siblings.  Support Workers can assist with building confidence in taking your children out, providing advice and being there as back up to help parents when you are out.  This service can also be used for parents who may have a disability, who may need support to take their child out to take part in an activity.

Should you wish to proceed with any of our services, please complete a Referral Form (this can be downloaded by clicking on one of the adjacent icons) and send to the address, which can be found at the bottom of the form or via email.

All of our prices are inclusive of mileage and staff expenses (within Teignbridge, Torbay & South Hams.)
Families are responsible for paying for their own child’s expenses, such as admission costs, refreshments and public transport travel costs.

Discounts available for shifts lasting longer than 3 hours and for multiple members of staff.