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FAST's qualified and experienced professionals have a range of skills that can be used to support existing organisations and other professionals. These include undertaking assessments, observational work, case holding and reports.

Lead Professional  A suitably trained member of the FAST team will act as Lead Professional for an existing case for three months, to attend one Team Around the Family and subsequently co-ordinate and chair the following two Team Around the Family meetings (approx 6 weekly).  To be the point of contact during that time.  This may be suitable for schools requiring a case holder for the duration of the  summer holidays.


Education  Schools can be a challenging environment for any child, particularly if that child has sensory/behavioural issues, which could potentially result in the threat of exclusion.  We work closely with settings, supporting education professionals to better meet the needs of the child.  This may involve taking a young person off site to help them fulfil a sensory need or to provide an incentive, reducing the incidents of negative behaviour and ultimately improving the relationship between the child and the school.

Home Inventory Assessment  For cases of borderline neglect.  A trained member of FAST will visit the family for a one off Home Inventory assessment.  Including scoring and interpretation of results and a written assessment report.  This assessment can be used over time to monitor changes of improvement or worsening, or to measure the success of an intervention.

Family Pack of Questionnaires  One off parenting assessment using a combination of the Department of Health Family Pack Of Questionnaires and Scales, including Strengths & Difficulties, Parenting Daily Hassle, Home Conditions, Family Activity, Parent & Adolescent wellbeing, Recent Life Events & Alcohol Consumption.  To include one off visit to the family, scoring and interpretation of results and a written report.

Observation of Home Life  Observation snapshot of behaviour inside the family home at 3 key times of the day, to include written record and written advisory suggestions.

Should you wish to proceed with any of our services, please complete a Referral Form (this can be downloaded by clicking on one of the adjacent icons) and send to the address, which can be found at the bottom of the form or via email.

All of our prices are inclusive of mileage and staff expenses (within Teignbridge, Torbay & South Hams.)
Families are responsible for paying for their own child’s expenses, such as admission costs, refreshments and public transport travel costs.

Discounts available for shifts lasting longer than 3 hours and for multiple members of staff.